Baroque Lawn Summer Collection 2019

Baroque Lawn Summer in luxury and this for their high luxe daywear line Baroque Fashion Brand with “LAWN EMBROIDERED”, which means the dream, Baroque has reinvented its aesthetic brackets for the coming summer season of years. Baroque is inspired by the 2000 so where fashion was all about liberation.

With Super Glam flappers high to trend away shoulders, the collection of Art Deco motifs, beads and ornaments in fabrics likes organza belt, Lawn, networks and raw silk Collection. With a best and amazing color palette that revolves around black, lavender and gray tones the collection offers more inventive cuts as diagonal cuts from mid front boot cuts and culottes styles. Baroque Lawn collection is inspired by the last beautiful era and has modern compositions by subcontinental architecture and latest designs. Based in linen, shows the color palette, the essence of royal heritage, both dark and light, which is a mixture of colors by Baroque.

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